Many thanks to all our club members, coaches and volunteers who helped out at out Head of the River. It was a great day both on and off the water. Congratulations to all crews that took part and particularly to those who were taking part in their first ever competition!


Fastest crew on the day was Mens Senior 4X- composite of Castleconnell / SMRC with a time of 10:01.


Full Results

Our club had wins in the following categories:

Mens Senior 1X:  Fionan Crowley

Mens Intermediate 1X: Andrew O’Connor

Mens J18A 1X: Rory O’Neill

Mens J18A 2-: (Conor Mulready/James O’Donovan)

Mens Senior 2X: (Fionan Crowley/Shane Haugh)

Mens J12 2X: (Rueben Mulligan/Conor O’Brien)

Mens Senior 4-: (Colin Byrne/Fergal O’Connor/Brian O’Shaughnessy/John Dillon)

Mens Senior 4X-: SMRC / Castleconnel (D.O’Connor/J.Quinlan/S.Haugh/F.Crowley)

Mens J18A 4X-: (James Desmond/Odhran Exton/Eoin Kiely/Rory O’Neill)

Mens J18A 8+: (B.Frohburg/D.Ryan/R.O’Neill/C.Mulready/J.O’Donovan/E.Kiely/J.Desmond/D.Martin)

Womens J18A 1X, Rolling Castleconnel, Silke, N

Womens J16 1X, Rolling Castleconnel, Kiely, N

Womens J18A 2-, Rolling Castleconnel (Clara O’Brien/Lauren O’Brien)

Womens J18A 2X: (Niamh Kiely/Norma Silke)

Womens J16 2X: (Sarah Gilmore/Saoirse Byrnes)

Womens J12 2X: (Sarah-May Kiely/Annick Frohburg)

Womens J16 4X+: (Niamh Kiely/Ciara Kiely/Roisin O’Connor/Sarah Gilmore)

Womens J14 4X+: (Tara Mulready/Jane O’Brien/Clara Leahy/Gabbie FitzGerald)